“When I used to go to school, I was always irritated by the fact that someone would intimidate another person. I feel the same way now and bullying is unaccepted behavior to me” – said a Georgian representative of parliamentary majority Soso Jachvliani when asked about bullying by “17 May”.

According to him, one of the ways to prevent bullying is having a dialogue with the bully so that to explain that intimidating someone is wrong.

“2 weeks ago I overheard 9-10 year-old children talking about their classmate. I approached them and spoke to them. They listened quietly and felt ashamed. I believe we should have such a conversation with them and giving them an example is important. Bullying always existed and there will always be such cases, but the causes are important. Psychologists, sociologists need to work on these cases and important laws have to be enacted”, – says Jachvliani.

Bullying is the term that refers to physical and/or psychological assault from classmates towards their peers. Bullying another person aims at intimidating and dominating over that person. In 2012 UNICEF studied the situation regarding the violence in schools; The study showed that 80% of schoolchildren have experienced either psychological or physical violence at least once in Georgian schools .

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"17 მაისის" ჟურნალისტი 2014 წლიდან

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