If there was a case of discrimination or attempt to discriminate in public school 130, the most stringent and adequate measures will be taken – stated Nata Asatiani, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Education, with regard to the fact of discrimination in public school 130.

Asatiani said to “May 17”, that the monitoring service of the Ministry started exploring the case yesterday.

“Yesterday morning, we started to explore the case to respond to the issue, today morning our monitoring and audit service is investigating the matter. They will have a discussion with the school director and will react accordingly” – says Asatiani.

According to Asatiani, adequate and most stringent measures will be taken against teachers, if there was an attempt of discrimination. The most stringent measure will be to fire the teacher.

We will remind you that a few days ago, a letter from Rusa Amirejibi was circulated on social media,

which was about the discrimination on the basis race. Rusa was talking about her daughter, being discriminated against because of her skin color in P.S. 130.   According to her, P.S. 130’s principal and teachers are racists, they insulted her daughter because of her skin color.

Amirejibi explained that the teachers did not tell other children that this behavior is bad.

“I changed three schools for Mimi, teachers would always put her on a spot, and children would call her names. I’m ashamed of all these teachers and staff in education system. With such ideology and thinking, what will they teach our children? I did not think that I would have a conflict with teachers about this issue.

I expected that they would punish the schoolchildren who insulted Mimi in front of me, they would apologize but I was wrong. Five teachers with the principal made Mimi cry in front of me. I know for sure, after today’s incident, others will put her on a spot again. Five women including the Guard, attacked me, tried to choke me, instead of being sorry. Maka, teacher of Georgian language, told me that this was out of her competence”, – says Amirejibi.

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