reporters shaunagh and shen source: SBS

reporters Shaunagh and Shen
source: SBS

According to De Morgen, Gay men in China are still “cured” by using electroshocks on their genitals and heads. Two days ago the Australian TV program Dateline showed shocking images of these brutal treatments’ in China. Even though homosexuality is no longer officially considered to be a mental illness, the Dateline undercover filming shows that the hospitals still provide special treatments to cure it.

Activist John Shen went undercover and secretly filmed the treatments in a psychiatric hospital in Tianjin. In Tianjin a psychiatrist told him that he could suppress his sexual urges with shock therapy and special drugs. Electrodes would be applied on you genitals and trough a small electric rod you could give yourself an electric shock. Shen told Dateline that a psychiatrists suggested :”When these urges arise, you can take a cold shower or can go running to release the excess of hormones”.

Another secret patient visited a hospital in Huashan. This patient got an electroshock treatment which should “rebalance the nervous system”. Each session would cost around 800 dollars. According to the hospital several treatments were needed.

check out the shocking film here:


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