Georgian |  ქართული

The body of Georgian transwoman, Bianca Shigurova, was found dead in her rented apartment, at Metromsheni district, Tbilisi, Georgia on February 04, 2016. Next to Bianca’s body, the police found the body of her dog, as well. Neighbours suspect she may have died of gas leak in the apartment, 3 to 4 days ago; however, her body was only discovered, today after landlord came over to her apartment to collect money for utilities.

May 17th reached out to Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). The MIA confirmed Shigurova’s death. According to Ministry, her corps didn’t display signs of attack, and or violence.

MIA launched investigation under Article 115 of Georgia’s Crime Code; an article frequently used by Georgian police in recent years, when the causes of death are  immediately unknown. Article 115 stands for occasions when someone was “driven to suicide”.

Bianca, 22 was an outspoken activist for Trans rights, and a witness in Sabi Beriani Case, another high profile femicide of transgender woman in 2014.

In 2015, the court ruled that the murderer of Beriani acted in self-defence, acquitted the man of premeditated murder charges. However, he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating another victim Bianca Shigurova, prior to visiting Beriani’s house and first murdering her, than setting her apartment on fire.

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